Saturday, February 7, 2015

Great Theory To Increase Blog Traffic For Newbie

Sounds GREAT! I Think So. As already mentioned. I would be writing some of the most epic ways to increase blog traffic. It’s personally tested by me which has show great results. And I hope the same that it will work for you too.


The most useful strategies which would be helping you to interact the readers and attract more and more users to your blog, This would work GREAT.

Here’s A Short Summary Of Our Article:
1. Make Youtube Tutorials To Get Targeted Traffic.
2. Join Social Media Sites.
3. Optimize Your Article.
4. Write Guest Posts

Increase Blog Traffic

It’s really easy to build up a blog but really hard to take it to the next level. Without traffic it’s totally impossible to earn money.
In this article I would be sharing you some of the most interesting facts to increase blog traffic.
Make Youtube Tutorials To Get Targeted Traffic
Youtube is the world’s largest and the most serving videos. It’s owned by Google Inc. I think no need of it’s introduction. Probably you have searched a video today or previous day. Or recently.
The videos that are shown in Youtube can you think that how much traffic you can drive from Youtube with correct strategy?
If No. Then No Worries. This will help you out.
Make Youtube Tutorials using Any Software (Available For Free In Net) and Start uploading them. Cleverly put the link of your website in the Description. Make sure that your link may be visible in the First Sentence of the Description.
If the Youtube Tutorial/Video get’s viral then for sure you would be getting targeted traffic too.
I usually gets around 300-400 visitors from Youtube, It’s really great. Try it out.
Join Social Media
Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus is serving around some 100,000,000,000 traffic a month. So can you think if you get just 0.10% of it’s traffic then what can it be?
Be active there and promote as much as you can. Find Groups in Facebook which are related to your niche. Promote your articles there when published. Be daily. Make sure you must not spam. It would get your traffic viral. I am sure that it would surely increase blog traffic.
Optimize Your Article
Always optimize your articles with Keywords, Title Tag, Meta. It would take your blog to the next level by driving traffic from Search Engines such as Google.
Research for the Low Competitive Keyword to rank. Build Up Backlinks and it would take you to the top of Google.
Write Guest Posts
Guest Posting is one of the best and the most epic way to increase blog traffic. It’s probably used by 99.9% Pro-Bloggers and Bloggers.
GREAT, FABULOUS, EPIC. What To Say More Than It? It’s just a great way.
Search For the blogs which are same of your niche so that you get traffic to your blog.
I have written an article that How To Write Quality Contents, You may read it.

Last Words

This strategies are really great which would help you to increase blog traffic tremendously. Make sure to try this tricks to boost blog traffic.
Having Any Problem?
Leave a comment below and I would try to respond you as soon as possible. Peace and Happy Blogging 
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