Tuesday, February 17, 2015

On Page SEO Optimization Techniques For Bloggers

Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO is a major technique that is essential to drive traffic from search engine especially from Google and to make a blog Search engine friendly. Without SEO a Blog is just like a river without water. And today we would learn some great On Page SEO Optimization Techniques to make our blog SEO Friendly. Peoples waste lot’s of money for optimizing their blog to make SEO Friendly but it isn’t necessary to do so.

A little effort on SEO can make a huge difference. And we should always remember that content is still the king. If you are writing good contents for your readers then you should worry about your ranking. Serving readers is essential than service Google.

On Page SEO Optimization Techniques

In this article we would be learning some great On Page SEO Optimization Techniques to make our blog SEO Optimized and to rank well in Search Engines.

Use Low Competitive Targeted Keywords:

Bloggers especially newbies often make mistake by not using low competitive targeted keywords for their blog and for their post, Whereas it’s really hard to tell that actually they do or not the keyword researching. For Example, there is two keywords: One is On Page SEO Optimization Which Get’s 100000 Impression and another one is On Page SEO Optimization Techniques which gets 1000 impressions. So which one would you like to choose?
1st one or 2nd one? If 1st one then you are wrong. The 1st keywords is having 100000 impression so it would be highly targeted by the big sites to rank higher and obviously there is much competitors than the 2nd one? Right. Yes. So if you choose a keyword having less competitor then there is more chances for you to get higher in search engines than the keywords which has more competitors.

Optimize The Post Correctly

Optimizing your post correctly is essential in order to get higher ranking in search engine. Below are some On Page SEO Optimization Techniques which are used to optimize post correctly:

1. Use Keyword In Your Heading/Title:

Adding keyword in your post title not only helps you to increase the chances to get higher in search engines but also it helps to attract organic visitors too. It is really important to add the correct keyword at the beginning phrase of your article heading.

2. Use Meta Description For Your Article:

Although it is not used by search engines to determine ranking but it still helps to attract visitors. So it’s recommended to use correct and suitable meta description in each and every articles in your blog.

3. Use Permalink and Suitable Keywords

Permalink is the URL of your article which is shown in the address bar of your browser. It carries out impressive weight of your SEO Optimization and it’s carried among the most working On Page SEO Optimization Techniques. Remember that you should never add a big description in your permalink for example: www.demoblog.com/what-is-search-engine-optimization-know-it-and-apply-it-to-rank-higher-in-search-engines.
Look at the example of Permalink we have provided above and you could see that it’s a long one which is neither looking good and also it’s not SEO friendly. Adding a short permalink is enough and it’s essential too for example: www.demoblog.com/what-is-seo is good and it’s looking professional too.

Optimize Your Images

Most newbies are not aware that optimizing images is required and it’s one of the main On Page SEO Optimization Techniques and it’s really essential to get highlighted in Google Images Search. Images say thousands of words and if you add a good and attractive image in your post then also it can attract many visitors to your blog. Below are some techniques to optimize images properly:

1. Add Alt Tags In Your Images

Alt Tags are referred to those HTML tags which are used to optimize images properly. Although it carries small weight on SEO but it’s good to add them as it’s good to do. Alt Tags such as Keywords, Descriptions, Name of The Images are been given in this strategy.

Use Hyphens In Your Image Name

As we know that search engines are just able to crawl the texts and links nothing else. And if you add images which has a name of- Image-039 then would they determine what category your image is and can those images rank? NO. So always add keywords in your name and remember to add hyphens instead of Spaces. For example use- Blogging-Tips-For-Blogger like this images name helps you to rank higher in search engines.


SEO is something that is endless and we should keep learning it. Today we have learned some On Page SEO Optimization Techniques to rank higher in search engines and to correctly optimize our blog. I have tried my best to give the exact details which are required. And we would soon present another article about On Page SEO Optimization Techniques. Any feedback or any thing you want to ask about this article then feel free to comment below we would be happy to hear from you. Peace and Happy Blogging
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