Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Top 5 Factors For Ranking Better In Google Local Search Results

For a business to do well, both online and offline factors play a crucial role. There are indeed a number of factors that help in improving the Google local search rankings. So, getting your site appear in first few results of Google SERPs is decided by the way you optimize these factors of local search rankings.
To know what these 5 factors for better ranking in Google local search, read on below and follow them right to get your site in the top local search results.
Social Media
For a business, the social media sites play a vital role in determining the local search rankings. The social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and others offer various benefits such as brand exposure to the local customers. Below we present the factors that can help you rank better on the Google local searches-

  1. Having the inbound links that point to your website from threads and discussions on the local forums and communities
  2. Encouraging Facebook shares
  3. Having more and more Facebook page likes
  4. Getting Twitter, Google+ and Facebook mentions of your business

Were you ever aware of the fact that checking in where you are for business can do a lot than just informing your friends and family about what you are doing? Yes, this simple act can give Google the chance to verify the listing details through seeing that the people have really gone to business, thus proving the company’s authenticity. These check-ins are important as they let people know that you actually have some business and this will in turn lead to better search positions.
Google+ Local Business
Since the time Google Places merged in Google+ Local Business, a number of features like ratings and reviews have been now shifted to Google+ Local. Thus, in case you have customers with email accounts in Gmail, you can ask them to write reviews about your products and services and your overall business on your Google+ Local page so that it gets displayed on the Google Places list in the Google SERPs. Further, Google+ Local offers local business details to Google Maps.
Home Page
Search rankings of your business depend greatly on the custom home/landing page, whichever your Google+ Local is linked to. The on page SEO components and linking profiles of the home page helps decide how well you will rank in the local Google SERPs. So make sure that you landing/home page is ideally optimized.
Google Maps
Having optimized Google+ page makes great difference in the visibility of local business on the Google Maps. The map markers for businesses which are optimized for the local SEO may cover the ones with lower rank of local SEO. The user will find the hidden businesses which are not as optimized for the local SEO through the zoom option.
So, with these local search ranking factors, the local businesses can rank high in local Google. Improving these factors can take some time but they are surely worth the efforts. You also need to remember that improving the local ranking is the process that needs to be worked upon constantly. Definitely, there may be fluctuations in the local search ranks due to competition from other local businesses and sites or from other negative ranking aspects. However, with proper monitoring and work, it is sure to get your local business rankings high.
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