Friday, March 13, 2015

10 tricks from the SEO handbook to get better SEO for your SIte

It is the destination of every SEO team to get excellent SEO for the websites that they are working on. Having a good SEO has a number of advantages, like more online visitors to the website and higher credibility about the website.

However, all SEO teams are not able to achieve this goal because of several reasons, many of them stemming from their lack of knowledge about SEO tactics and strategies.If you are working on a website to increase its SEO but failing repeatedly, check out the top 10 tricks from the SEO handbook to get better SEO for your SIte:

1. Better Content:

There is no substitute for quality content on the website. The sophisticated algorithms of Google, including the Penguin and the Panda, value content. Your website’s SEO will soar when you have readable, informative and share-able content.

2. Guest Posts:

A great way to hike up your website’s SEO is to encourage guest bloggers to contribute towards your website or blog. Guest posts are usually well-written because the writer wants to draw some leverage from the post as well! Streamline your mechanism to accept guest posts and draw more bloggers to your blog.

3. Top-notch Back Links:

SEO pundits are yet to find a way to get better Page Ranks without quality back links. Back links bring in steady online traffic. However, as an SEO team, steer clear of buying back links or falling for offers to purchase back links on high-traffic websites.

4. Social Media Networking:

This is a growing behemoth when it comes to SEO. Despite the popularity of social media networking ruling the roost for a couple of years now, many SEO teams are yet to learn the ropes. Pick up the correct way of social networking for your website.

5. Online Ads:

This method is a must-have for SEO teams with a higher budget. Buy online ad spaces on Google or other popular websites in your domain. Ad spaces cost quite a sum of money but it is worth the investment if you are thinking of getting better good SEO quickly.

6. Directory Indexing:

Submitting your website on directories for indexing is a sure-fire way of getting first page in google. By listing yourself on popular web directories like Digg or Delicious, you will do your website a world of good, especially when it comes to bagging online traffic.

7. Regular Updates:

Regular, if not frequent, updates add fresh content to the website. That attracts the crawlers of Google towards your website. Update your blog page or web content at regular intervals and your online visitors will always have something to look forward to.

8. Keyword Use:

Keywords, as you know, are the building blocks of SEO. The right use of keywords that are commonly used to search for products and services in your business domain is very necessary.

9. Avoid Black-hat Strategies:

You cannot undo your hard work on SEO in a quicker way than resorting to black-hat and unethical SEO strategies. Once you are identified and pinned down, you won’t have a place on Google’s radar

10. Using Responsive and Light Theme

A Fast and responsive theme is the one factor for increase SEO for  your site now in 2015
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