Friday, March 13, 2015

4 Creative Ways To Make Your Reader’s Love Your Blog

Blogger’s often crave for traffic.Traffic is everything for a blogger.It brings in fortune that really makes a blogger succeed.Money , fame etc are all related to traffic.Hence making it an important factor in which a blogger should look into seriously.It is said that content brings in huge traffic.But have you seen a workman having good potential to work without tools.No ! So what I am saying is that a author sometimes has to use an external torque which ultimately results in his glory.

Readers when visit you site first look at your content , but the way they look at your content depends upon the way it’s presented to them.So what we are going to learn in this post is how should we capture the reader’s mind with creative way’s which helps to bring in huge traffic.

Creative Ideas To Bring In Huge Traffic

It is said that a picture says a 1000 words.So the first thing that the eye will catch is a image.So make sure you are using images that are both attractive and also convey the proper message.Do not try to accommodate a lot of information.Its design quality should not be compromised.
To make sure you have a good looking image , use these tips :
  • Mix and match images
  • Use typography
  • Keep it simple
  • If you are capable of spending , use images from premium sites.
  • Make infographics ,try this free service
Most of the time , your post titles are being exposed to your readers.95% of post are read on a blog.So make sure they are interesting.If they are not convincing , it is a matter of fact that your content will go unheard.Treat your post titles as a gateway to your content.
Examples of some catchy titles ,
  • Topics which are unique 
At the end of the day , content is all that matters.A blog should be built around the content and not the other way around.To get topics , keep reading.Visit site’s , forums etc and read as much as possible.Come up with topics that are very rare or not have been blogged about at all.This increases the chances of impressing your reader.Look for inspiration around you.Even a coffee mug can give you inspiration. E.g Jobs to do while sipping your coffee.

  • Design Your Blog 
With so many blogs out there and so many themes, a good blog design will help the blog to stand out and be easily recognizable to visitors. This, in my opinion, is the most important benefit of a custom theme. As readers keep coming to your blog several times a week, they’re increasingly less likely to pay attention to your design. They’ll know what to expect after a few visits, and the content will have to keep them coming back. On the other hand, the blog’s design can have a huge impact on the first impression of new visitors. Part of branding a blog includes the image that its appearance creates in the minds of readers. These factors should not be ignored, because they mean that the blog’s design and appearance can have an impact on its level of success.

It’s Up to You Now

These tips are sure shot ways of impressing your readers.Once your reader is impressed , he can do a world of good to your blog.He will comment , share your article all contributing to your blog’s success.Hence attracting your readers is very essential.Over to you now.When creative minds come together they create a world of opportunities.So let us know of your thoughts.Leave a comment below.Till then happy blogging
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