Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Advanced SEO Tips for Your WordPress Blog

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something you do to get your website ranked higher up the search engine results pages. People do it in order to rank up the Google search engine results pages because Google is the biggest search engine in the world. It has the potential to bring in a lot of traffic and that is what people want.

Add into this mix the fact that 1 out of every 6 websites in the world is run by WordPress and you have the recipe for a successful website on Google. There are plenty of SEO tips on the Internet, but it seems that the online landscape changes so fast that as soon as you start to kick field goals they go and move the goal posts. Here are five tips for your SEO that are unlikely to change any time soon.
1 – Fresh content delivered routinely that is well written
Google loves fresh content. This is because they rank their pages based on how useful a website is. If it is well maintained over a long time then they assume it is a website or value. A blog that is added to routinely will qualify as a website that is being maintained.The fact that it has fresh content on a regular basis will also give it something to index, which is good for proving you are taking care of your website.
Finally, if the content is well written then they are going to assume that you are taking time over your blog posts and are not just spinning a load of old crap. This again shows that you care about your website and are working to make it better. All of this care is exactly what Google wants and they will rank you up the search engine results pages as a result of it.
2 – Interesting content that is of use to people
The words “of use to people” are very important. If there is one thing that Google has always maintained with vigor, it is that they want their Google search engine results to be of use to people. This means the things shown within must be of use to people. If your website is in any way useful to people then it is going to rank higher on the search engine results pages. The fact that your content is also interesting will help you rank up your website in more subtle ways. People will link to you and talk about you on social media and Google will rank your website up because of it.
3 – Content that targets a certain person and asks questions
Targeting people with your content is very important. It means picking a target audience and trying to appeal to them. It also means purposefully scaring off those whom you are not trying to target. Google does not look kindly on websites that try to be all things to all people.
The questions side of this is more of a new notion. The Hummingbird update shows an interest in questions and answers, so if your blog answers some sort of question or asks questions then you may be up for a larger SEO benefit. It is only early days yet but Google have already mentioned how more people are asking questions on the search engine instead of just typing in keywords.
4 – Relevant reference links at the bottom in H4 Tags
Another Hummingbird update factor involves in-depth and researched articles. If you did reference certain works during your blog posts then add references and links to them at the bottom of your blog post under a bibliography/reference section. Put all of this into H4 tags so that Google does not think you are linking to show
appreciation for other websites. It knows you are linking because you referenced the sites/sources.
5 – A tagged keyword cloud on your blog and SEO plugins
A tagged keyword section is imperative within a blog. It is one of those few SEO factorsthat blogs may have that websites may not. It is also imperative on a content management system such as WordPress. It is well known that some WordPress themes may be optimized up to 90% without Google calling foul (noting you are over-optimizing), so make sure you have your tagged keywords in there otherwise you automatically give an advantage to all the blogs that took the time to add one. It should be a tagged keyword cloud because it looks better and has no negative effects when compared to the regular tagged keyword bits.
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