Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Choosing a Great Niche

Booming with growth, the internet is home to, on a daily basis, over one-hundred thousand newly registered domain names – just about one every second! Each and every website has the chance for exponential growth if, and only if, the webmaster is willing to put the work in.

With those gargantuan numbers, it’s hard to imagine any of the sites having anything in common. In reality, though, they do – they all are designed to accompany a specific niche.

Your niche is your best friend when it comes to your website. You must master it to achieve your goals on the internet. Otherwise, you will quickly fail.
What is a Niche?

Your best suit; The cream of the crop; Your niche is the tiny section of the internet that you’re going to make your website about. Your goal is simple – to dominate it. After-all, without power there is no reward.

The niche that you choose is, simply put, the topic that you will target.
Choosing Your Niche

In today’s world, there exists a very large problem – everybody and their cousin thinks that they are professionals at anything they do. On the web, that presents a major problem – you will fail very quickly.

To be “successful” on the internet, you must not only act as if you know what you’re talking about, but seriously mean it. Therefore, a great deal of passion is required to succeed.

Unless you are able to market your website with campaigns that match with that of Apple, then hire writers to the par of William Shakespeare, it is very difficult to make it far on the internet without knowledge and passion for your niche.
Passion is Key

To choose a great niche for your website is simple – just ask yourself what you are good at. What kind of activities do you do, on a daily basis, that you are passionate about?

The next step before creating your website is a bit more complex, and requires the knowledge of your niche – can you actually teach about your niche or market to it?

Let’s say you are looking to create a website about football. Do you know enough about football to write valuable content towards it daily? Do you have the means to market to the audience who likes football?

If you answered no to both of the above questions, then it is safe to assume that you aren’t going to go far in the niche of football.

    I was always told to, when creating a blog, outline at least ten posts that I could write. If I couldn’t think of ten, I wouldn’t succeed in the niche.

Final Notes

Out of the tenth-of-a-million websites registered daily, only about one hundred will move on to achieve anything even slightly worthy of being called decent. The rest will, in the end, shrivel and, ultimately, die out.

The reason is simple – a lack of passion. As the saying goes, if you are passionate about what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

With that in mind, it is easy to understand why having passion is essential – if you enjoy what you’re doing, you won’t feel the need to stop and you will, in the end, “succeed”.
How Did You Choose Your Niche?
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