Saturday, March 21, 2015

Have an Interest in Pinterest?

Recently I was asked to be an organizer for our local Social Media Club in Wilmington, NC (which I gladly accepted), and we had our first meet up last week. The meet up went great and we collectively decided that Pinterest would be our main topic at the next meet up (we meet every 3rd Thursday).
A lot of people are still confused as to what Pinterest even is. In a nutshell, its a place to share things visually. I send pictures of food to my Pinterest, places I visit, Infographs I like, pictures of various other items like cars, bikes, houses, etc…
Mistakenly, most businesses say things like:
Isn’t Pinterest for woman and recipes?
Well, yes that is partly true. Women do love Pinterest. Here are some stats on it:

As you can see, yes mostly women use it. So, if you are selling tools I guess I wouldn’t be on Pinterest. But, I can’t think of many other industries that wouldn’t benefit from more women finding them through Pinterest. Can you?
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