Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Stay Productive When You Have No Time

When you are aiming to complete a project or get a small piece of work done it is important that you stay productive and don’t get drawn into procrastination.  The key is keeping the momentum going to get the job done.  The issue arises however when you have other commitments that require your time and effort.  How do you manage?

My wife and I recently bought our first home and the move, as many know, takes up a lot of time. Between boxing up our old rented accommodation o moving it to the new house, decorating and unpacking, time is very much at a premium.

I recently was challenged to develop a niche website that would earn me $1 a day.  However this coincided with the house move and I didn’t have the time to write as many articles as I wanted to.

Instead I used my time to research keywords to new articles that were going to benefit my website by eventually creating content that provided a wide variety of back links for various keywords.

However, I had no time to write these articles.  What do you do?

Fortunately there is a simple solution.  You pay someone to do the work for you.

I say pay, because it is highly unlikely that you will get someone to write articles for you for free.

Your initial reaction however is most likely that you cannot afford to pay someone to write articles for you.  You may believe that it is expensive, and it probably is if you were to employ somebody in your own country.

To employ some to do your work for very little one must exploit the value of money.  By this I mean that if you take the value of a dollar, it’s worth in the USA is not the same as its worth in the Far East.

Translated, this means you can pay somebody in another country a sum of money that is actually very little to you, but mean a great deal to your employee.

With the advent of the Internet it is now very easy to communicate with people across the globe.  In fact, there are companies (websites) dedicated to employing people through the Internet.

One of the popular sites for doing this is oDesk, and it is one that I used to employ an article writer for my niche website development.

By using oDesk I found a person who wrote me articles at $3 each based on keywords that I wanted the articles written about.

The beauty of the oDesk system, and others like it is you can do everything required to employ and manage people.  You can,

    post a job advert and start recruiting with a variety of requirements
    review, short list and interview prospective employees
    offer contracts and communicate with your staff
    manage payments to your staff in a variety of ways

I had allowed a week for my writer and soon received all the the articles ahead of schedule.  Since then, I have spent an hour (max) publishing the articles to various Web2.0 websites and even the niche website too.

If you’re finding time a valuable commodity and wish to profit from the Internet, you can invest in your business ambitions by joining oDesk today to give it a try.
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