Saturday, March 21, 2015

How To Write A SEO Rich Blog Post

Mark has asked me to take a look at the topic of SEO rich blog post’s because a couple of people we have both been talking with are either currently looking at developing a few niche blogs – or they have already started 
Now this SEO post structure can be used for both social blogs and niche sites, basically if you want to maximise your search engine traffic, aside from the initial keyword research (which is incredibly important – because you might be targeting the wrong keywords), on-page optimisation is critical to quickly jump up the SERPS!

The key to an seo rich blog post is the use of your ‘keyword’. Target one key phrase for each article for optimal results.

5 Steps To SEO Rich Blog Post!

  1. Keyword In Title

    If you are wanting the search engines to give weight to your targeted keyword, you want to make sure they think it is the focus of your article. The first step to this is adding your keyword to the title of your article. By naming your article after your keyword, you are letting Google and Co. know that it is the most important thing in your post.
    Now the key here, is to combine the keyword into a short statement. Because we are here to maximize reader experience
  2. Keyword In URL

    Make sure you are using the permalink blogspot feature. This way you can use your title as your URL – and having your keyword in your URL can play a big part in search engine ranking (and it is such a simple thing!)
  3. Keyword In Description

    It is the unseen elements that a lot of people forget about – but are usually very valuable. Now it has been said that Google do not give any weight to the meta description of a page. But I think any time the keyword is used is an added boost – plus, there are plenty of search engines that DO still use meta descriptions.
  4. Keyword In <h> Tags

    Your <h1><h2><h3> tags makes text bigger, put emphasis on the content and naturally are seen as important points on a page. The search engines think so too, so for a niche, seo rich blog post – keywords in the <h> tags just makes sense!
  5. Keyword Scattered Through Content

    This just makes sense. If you are talking about a topic, it is just obvious that you would talk about it throughout your content. Now don’t go and spam your post with the keyword – fitting it into sentences that you know just don’t work. But there are easy ways to reiterate a keyword without a loss to the reading experience.
Now that is the process that I go through with the majority of my blog posts (always on my niche sites!). As you can see, it is just common sense and depending on how competitive your keyword is, this can get you ranking pretty well without anything else. However, with most keywords you are going to need to do a bit of off-page seo to start ranking on the front page of a keyword’s search results. There are a lot of cheap link building strategies, and many of them that you can do for free – like articles, blog comments and the like. BUT, there is no point doing a lot of off-page seo, if you have not taken the effort to write a seo rich blog post in the first place!

What SEO Do You Do On Your Blog Posts?

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