Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Money Blogging Strategy To Make Over $1000

Do You Know That You Can Generate Over $1000 in Next 20 Days?No. Right? A Correct Strategy Which Can Make A Flow Over YourMoney Blogging. Think How Will It Be. Quite Impressive. Quite Fun.

Don’t Think, That I am joking and having intention to fool you around. But actually know or not. It’s really pleasuring to make a blog which can make a flow in your income.
Exactly. It’s called Money Blogging.
1000 Years ago, 38-10th of February. An ancient geek who discovered a way to make instant cash by blogging….Oops TROLL!
Just Joking, In order to make your mind fresh.

Money Blogging Strategy

Okay! Let’s come back to our topic. Here’s the question arises that can a moneyblogging strategy make over $1000. Absolutely Yes. Blogging is something which can bring pleasure where you can share your mind with millions of people. It’s not just that we blog to make money. But it’s true that without money blogging is not enough.
So in this article I would be sharing you some great strategies which I learned over my blogging years.


Freelancing is one of the most effective strategy by which you could make hundreds of dollars in a short span of time. Just you need to serve your clients and you would get desired amount of money from it.
SEOClerks is probably the world’s largest freelancing website where you could Buy and Sell too. Starting from $1-100+. Here you would be also getting recurring Affiliate sales in which you would get 10% per sales. I personally recommends SEOClerks as it has helped me to make $$$.
468x60 Money Blogging Strategy To Make Over $1000
Fiverr is counted among one of the best online marketing website where you could freelance at $5. Fiverr is best for it’s Designing Service such as Logo/Banner Designing. It’s also popular for SEO Services where you would get only at $5.

Paid Writing

This is one of the great money blogging strategy. Paid writing is similar to guest posting but here you would get money for writing. If you have strong influence over your writing then you could write an e-book too which is investment free and could help you to make a lot of money.
PayPerPost is a place where you could write articles for others and earn good amount of money. You could also search for the advertisers/writers for your blog to write.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is for those who has good skills of doing creative marketing. In this you get commission for every product you sell. Obvious you don’t have to own that product. Just you need to sign up for the affiliate such as BlueHost, DreamHost etc and earn good amount of money. It’s counted among one of the best money blogging strategy too.

Buying/Selling Domains

Same like Affiliate but little difference. Having less investment it is one of the great money blogging strategy. Buying Domains at their registration price or sometime even less you could trade them and make a great profit for your own.
You would get 100% of it. You should first do little research and find most of it.
Buying/Selling premium domains if always a great way in order to generate good amount of money. You could also search for the expired domains and sell it and get great profit.

PPC Networks

Pay per click also known as PPC. Bloggers shares ad spaces and serves ads. Per click they get an desired amount of money such as 0.24, 0.40, 0.50, or even 1.50 or more. It’s totally depended upon the no. of traffic your blog have.
Google Adsense is the most trusted PPC network which is owned by Google. Bloggers shows ads in their blog and gets paid. Money can be withdrawn when it meets to $100. It direct get’s transferred by Wire Transfer (NEW).
BuySellAds is another most trended PPC network which is quite difficult to get registered. It’s needs atleast 50,000 monthly visitors. So you need to improve your traffic first before registering here.

Last Words

With all these money blogging strategies I am sure you would be doing great. I would be guiding you more in our upcoming articles. If you have any question then feel free to ask.
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Stay Good. Enjoy Your Life. Peace and Happy Blogging.
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