Thursday, March 19, 2015

Stuck For Post Ideas? Unsure What To Write? Here’s The Solution…

Have you ever found yourself, or rather, your creative genius lacking inspiration?  Like you’re ton of ideas and super cool posts have disappeared?  I’ll bet you have at some stage.  It’s one of the most frustrating issues many bloggers face.  I’ve faced it myself.  Often this is the main reason that the vast majority of people who start blogging eventually quit after a few months.  They run out of steam.

So the question remains, how can you remain consistent and have lots of ideas on what to write?

There are a few ways.  I’m going to name 3 ways which can be quick and ideal for the short term, and discuss 1 mammoth method which is going to keep your blogging fire burning for a while.
Idea 1 – Keyword Questions – What are people asking?

Keyword questions is a free resource that I first learned about through Pat Flynn and the niche site duel that I’m part off.  It’s also an excellent resource that some people have been exploiting to good effect.

This works by keying in a keyword that you wish to write about.  For example, I’m working on a niche site on frugal living tips.  Now, when I search for “frugal living” or “frugal living tips” it returns me with no results.  Searching for “frugal”,

For the word, “frugal”, it is clear there are a number of useful suggestions that I can write a blog post around.  There are some useless suggestions too.  However, the quality and quantity of the results varies from niche to niche.
Idea 2 – Read Your Blog Comments
This is a short and quick tip which really should be staring you in the face.  Blogging is a fantastic medium to communicate with people, and engage with them.  How?  Well you write lots of great stuff, and your readers can leave comments.  One important point on getting good comments is that you write good articles that entices people to contribute something.

It takes practise to write good articles.  However, when you get comments, there are some commenters who will ask questions or elaborate upon points you’ve made.  These are untapped resources at your finger tips.  Use these as inspiration to develop new content and directions for your blog.

If for example you have written a mega post on how to do a particular thing, you will always get people wanting you to elaborate on small parts of it.  Or you may find readers asking specific questions.  Without meaning to repeat myself, these are opportunities.  You can rehash your work so that you can take your long article and link out to further smaller articles which deal with specific topics.  Not only is this great for your content, but it’s excellent internal linking – SEO LOVE!
Idea 3 – Google Your Topic And See What Else There Is
Google is without doubt one of the best known internet resources.  I remember when Yahoo was big, but now Google is part of every day life.  If you’re ever in doubt about it, Google it – you’ll have heard the saying!  Chances are you’ll be taken to some fantastic WikiPedia page!  We all love Wiki!

But seriously, Googling your topic is an excellent way to see what else there is in your niche that you can maybe learn from.  Don’t copy other peoples’ work, but rather use them as inspiration.  Improve what they have, and go forth.
Mega Idea 4 – Use Market Samurai “Find Content” Module

Those of you on my mailing list will probably see I send a few emails recommending Market Samurai.  It’s an excellent keyword research tool.  However, in reality, and those of you who have downloaded the free 12 day trial will know, it is so much more.  One of the modules in Market Samurai is dedicated to finding content.

How cool is that?!

The find content module is simply awesome.  What it allows you to do is search different article resources for a particular keyword, and Market Samurai does its best to return the most relevant results.  How does it work?

Simples!  You can tell Market Samurai to search article directories, blogs, picture/video resources and news resources.  Here’s a full list,

        Ezine Articles
        Articly City
        Constant Content
        Google News
        Yahoo News
        Yahoo Answers

That’s a seriously impressive list of resources!

In the image above I’ve demonstrated the results for one of my niches, which I’ve only recently started, ice hockey training.  I only searched article directories, and Market Samurai returned 17 results.  Not too bad!  Of course this will change depending upon your niche.

Anyway, back to the point.  The find content module of Market Samurai is excellent for coming up with new content for a niche site.  However, you cannot copy the content.  We don’t want to be breaking copyright law.  My approach isn’t to even spin the articles – because again that’s just a bit dodgy.

The safest approach is for you to read the article and learn more about the niche.  From here, you will obtain knowledge that will enable you to write you’re own article based on your own point of view.

What makes this method so much better than the others?

Simply put, this method provides you with great content that you can learn from.  Better yet, it’s all in one central location – Market Samurai!

Of course there is a lot of information.  What article do you pay attention to first?

When I look at the results, I have sorted them by incoming links.  Whilst page rank is a good metric because Google’s algorithm has judged it to be juicy, relevant and useful, I prefer incoming links.  Here’s why.  Incoming links are those which have been consciously made by people to an article.  I know there are plenty of assumptions made there – they’re not that relevant because the fact remains that incoming links to an article show that PEOPLE not computers are recommending the article.  Taking these more popular articles you will see what is informative, which will ultimately give you an idea of what is useful.

If you don’t want to miss out on this method, sign up for Market Samurai now and get 12 days free trial!  Sign up through any link on my site, and you will get a 35% discount if you buy a full license within the first 7 days!

These are a number of ways that I research content and help myself learn about new niches.  What methods do you use?  Have you had experience of Market Samurai’s Find Content module?  How did you find it?  I’d love to hear from you!
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