Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Creating a Legendary Domain Name

The point of a website is, in almost all cases, to engage an audience with your content (whether it be a product, articles, or anything else under the sun). Many factors go into whether visitors will visit your website for any duration – site speed and design are two to quickly come to mind – but one is more prevalent.

Marking your location on the internet – much in the way that your address does – your domain name is the first identification to potential-visitors as to whether your website is worthy of their time or not.

Before your website speed, design, or content even matter, your domain name must be elegant in its ways. Without putting great consideration into your domain name, you will crash before lifting off.
Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name tells a lot about your website – how professional it is, what niche it is in (usually), and, among other things, if it is “scammy”. There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing your domain name, such as it being brand-able, attractive, and representable of your niche.
Represent Your Niche

With the exception of those who can afford to pay millions of dollars for advertising of their un-nich-related domain name (eg: Google, Yahoo, Twitter), you are in desperate need of a domain name that will represent your niche.

When somebody looks at your domain name, they should be able to tell what value they can obtain from visiting your website. Let’s digest a few domain names to see what I mean:

Just from seeing the domain name WebsiteBegin, you can pick out two keywords – Website and Begin. Using basic reasoning, you can gather that the website is about beginning a website. It is very niche-appropriate – users will know exactly what to expect from the website.

ProBlogger is, like WebsiteBegin, using two keywords – Pro and Blogger – to show users what the website is about. With reasoning, you will find that the website is about becoming a professional blogger.

While the domain name isn’t targeting a specific niche, it targets a specific person – Roger Waters. Just by looking at the domain name, one would assume that they could find information on Roger Waters.

Having a strong brand is essential to spreading your influence around the internet. Your brand is what people remember your website or company by.

There are many strong brands in the world that you probably know at this very second. Apple, for example, uses their gray-ish apple logo to brand themselves. Everybody knows the apple symbolizes the company.

Your domain name is the first thing people will remember your website by. If it isn’t brand-able, you will not go far. The domain name is brand-able – the creator can use pictures of Roger Waters, his productions, or any other associated content from the artist to brand the website.

A domain name like is not brand-able, though – there is no connection to the outside world.
How Do You Choose Domain Names?
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