Saturday, April 18, 2015

Top 10 Essential Writing Tips For Bloggers

how to write in blog

Since you already are a blogger we’ll skip the part on how you can improve your writing and talk about what you can do to improve your process of writing, i.e. become more productive and efficient, ease your blog writing tips  and create blog posts with finer clarity and more punch.

Research And Plan
If you skip the planning stages, the chances are you’ll end up wasting lots of time procrastinating and having trouble to write a clear and concise blog post. Before you start to write take time to “google” the topic and see how well others have covered it. Once you know what is out there, map and categorize your ideas and put them into order to start creating the post. When you know what you are writing about the process becomes much easier; if writing a decent post took you 1 or 2 days, with proper preparation now you’ll only need few hours.

Pick A Format And Stick To It
You can compose the best content in the world, but if the average Joe comes to your blog, takes one look and leaves the page, it is a bit pointless. Don’t try to appear smart; write as you would want to read something online, apply formatting that your readers understand and recognize, and lay everything out clearly and in an organized manner to get the content closer to them.

Keep Your Writing Within Your Niche
We all want to reach as many people as we possibly can, but unfortunately that’s not how it works. If you write about many different things, you won’t master any of them. Instead, pick one specific topic and write it properly, because it’s quite possible that most of your target audience appreciates specialists over generalists, and if things work out in the future and you get yourself a good reputation you can always build up to more subjects to cover.

Put A Personal Touch In Your Posts
People more relate to websites that have a “human” side, where they can see and feel there are real people behind the curtains. Put a personal touch in your writing, share anecdotes; it will help you build a recognizable name for yourself in the niche you cover and start increasing your traffic. Also, remember to include an ‘About the Author’ at the bottom of your posts so anyone who reads them will also be able to learn more about you.

Don't Bother People With The Introduction - Headline Is The Key
Great headline is your best chance of reaching greater audience. The first thing your potential readers see about your post is the title (in most cases they don’t bother to read the provided introduction) and if your title doesn't intrigue them to click the link, it will also be the last thing, leaving your content useless. You can write introductions for your posts since they make the content flow better, and they can also be used as excerpts for the home page, just don’t expect they’ll attract the attention of your readers cause in most cases they won’t.

Always Use Lists Where Appropriate
You've probably noticed this for yourself when you research information on the Internet and whenever possible quickly scan through the provided lists to see if what you need can be found there. If it is appropriate to the topic you cover in your post, always use lists to stress the main areas and ease to your readers when they scan your content. Lists will also help you demonstrate your writing skills, and if your audience likes your knowledge and writing they’ll more likely go look around the rest of your website.

Photos And Diagram Are Also Helpful
One of the key elements your blog needs to have to draw the readers’ interest and keep them on is a strong visual representation with pictures that covey your message and diagrams that help you get your point across. Creating diagrams may be a little bit difficult and time-consuming at first, but since they are interesting and useful for your readers, you’ll soon see from your increased traffic how worth of the effort they actually are.

Maintain The Following
It’s hard to gain a network of followers in the first place, but once you have one they’ll continue to come back, as long as you also continue to deliver the quality they are used to. To make sure you have fans and followers you should start your social marketing efforts through Facebook and Twitter early and use these platforms to remind your readers of your new blog posts. You can easily update your fans on Facebook but getting people to like your page can be difficult; on the other side, it’s easy to get followers on Twitter, but your post won’t stay long in their feeds to get the deserved attention. If your followers retweet your shared blog posts, they’ll certainly help you build greater following for your blog.

Never Missed An Opportunity To Keep Your Readers On Your Blog
Provide links to other related content on your blog throughout the posts so your visitors will read more and stay longer on your website. At the end of your posts invite your readers to share their opinions and ask questions in the comments section, like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter, so they’ll feel more engaged and want to interact with you in more ways on your website.

Interact With Your Readers
As we mentioned before, readers more connect to interactive websites, with personal touch, where they have opportunity to talk with one another, ask you questions, send you emails to give them certain advises or just share opinions, comment on your blog, or communicate on Facebook and Twitter. Show respect to your community and they’ll give you their love in return.
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