I am really thankful to you for actually checking my About Page…Introducing myself, I am syahir Syah  from South Sulawesi , Indonesia . Let’s first introduce Xaxak Blog with you,  SEO is an online SEO and Blogging Resources site founded on the early days of 2013. It’s main aim is provide high quality blogging and SEO tips which are meant to help the newbies and bloggers to put forward their blog to the next level. We provide all the possible details which is essential for a blog’s growth.

Blogging is all about passion and the inspiration which a bloggers shares with their loyal readers. Blogging is done to gain more respect and to show the one’s talent about their knowledge. Blogging is not just writing but also helping and giving informative information to readers. If one have the above quality then there would be no barrier on their way. Providing useful contents which has quality and uniqueness is really a great way of improving a blog readership.
These above lines are said by Bishal Biswas, The Founder of Daily SEO about whom is described in this About Page.

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